Clam Chowder With Bacon Fat

Clam Chowder is a favourite soup recipe on Coley Cooks for good reason; it’s easy to make, tastes amazing and is ideal for a cozy winter night! This traditional New England clam chowder features tender clams in an irresistibly creamy broth enhanced by some bacon fat!

Clam chowder is traditionally created using both fresh and canned clams, combined with milk or cream (or both) and their juice, creating a hearty and fulfilling meal perfect as part of any larger menu. Seasoned with pepper, salt, parsley thyme and Worcestershire sauce to enhance flavor and complexity; enjoyed year round but especially so during winter when fresh clams are readily available at local seafood markets.

Making great clam chowder begins by thoroughly washing and scrubbng the clams. Next, they should be placed in a bowl containing salinated water that simulates ocean conditions so as to force out any dirt they might be holding between their shells; this process is called siphoning. Taking this approach ensures an outstanding final product.

Next, the clams are steamed until they open, after which they are removed from their shells and added to a soup along with other ingredients such as potatoes, corn and spices. Once this chowder has simmered until all vegetables are fork tender and its liquid thickened to desired consistency it is either served immediately or kept warm over low heat until ready to be served.

There are several methods for creating delicious clam chowder, but this recipe provides an ideal starting point. Although simple, its flavors are rich with complexity and character. Make this restaurant-quality dish at home and impress family and guests!

One theory behind clam chowder’s origins suggests it was created by early American colonists in New England using ingredients readily available there – clams were harvested easily along the coast, while leeks, onions and potatoes were popular crops there – to create a hearty yet satisfying soup to keep them warm during their long New England winters.

For faster preparation of this soup, it is recommended that some of its ingredients be prepped in advance. Bacon can be cooked until crispy, and its drippings saved for sauteing vegetables and adding flour for thickening purposes – onion, celery and leeks can all be diced and stored in the fridge as soon as they’re diced; while thyme and bay leaves should also be collected together into a plastic bag until needed; while clams can also be steamed until just firm then stored away until needed – either way!

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