Top 5 Eye Concealer Products

If your skin has dark circles, blemishes or other imperfections, concealer can make an enormous difference to its appearance. By selecting a shade that closely matched your skin tone and using a soft brush with small dabbing motions to apply it on small dabbed spots on your face, concealers provide instantaneous correction. Once set with light dusting of pressed powder for extra lasting effects of bright, wide-awake eyes!

But even the most foolproof concealers may sometimes produce unwanted side effects, including fine lines and creases settling into fine lines, cakey patches or heavy feel on your skin. Luckily, there are products specifically designed to avoid these common pitfalls; we’ve collected our favorite eye concealers which will leave you looking refreshed, wide awake and radiant all day long!

Our top picks provide concealers with various shades to meet the needs of all skin types. Creamy, hydrating concealers work best for dry complexions while oil-controlling concealers may work best with oily complexions. When selecting concealers to highlight under the eyes, choose shades slightly lighter than your natural skin tone; darker concealers may cause grey or blue shadows on the face.

We have also included concealers enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients to add the finishing touch to your beauty regimen and keep you looking bright, wide-awake, and radiant throughout the day. Charlotte Tilbury (the brand that brought us lipsticks with your lips-but-better technology) makes one such full coverage option that contains Persian silk tree bark extract for smoothing around eyes, palmitoyl glycine to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and wild indigo extract to brighten.

This concealer has become an industry favorite thanks to its impressive abilities of blurring away blemishes, crease-proofing and looking natural on skin. Plus, its skin-nourishing ingredients like goji berries, rose flower water and sodium hyaluronate ensure a plump, smooth complexion all day long!

Our lab testers found this affordable concealer to be one of America’s top sellers, thanks to its user-friendly applicator, buildable formula, and natural finish. It’s particularly effective at minimizing dark circles while also being beneficial in treating other skin concerns such as blemishes, sun spots or redness. Plus, this drugstore pick is free from harsh chemicals – perfect for sensitive skin!

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